Saturday, August 30, 2014

Start living In The Philippines Now.

Move to The Philippines Now. 
Stop Dreaming and Take Action.

Start living In The Philippines Now.

Learn from An American 
Living in The Philippines.

What Will This Manual Do For You?
  • Reduce The Time It Takes To Move To The Philippines
  • Reveal The Information You Need To Make The Move Happen
  • Provide A Fair And Balanced View Of Living In The Philippines.  Not Hype.  I Tell You The Good And The Bad.
  • Arm You With Information To Help Keep You Out Of Trouble
  • Help You Reduce The Cost To Start Living In The Philippines
  • Guide You On Visa Requirements
  • Make Visa Requirements Simple
  • Comprehensive 212 Page Manual That Continues To Grow
  • The Manual Has Been Updated More Than 10 Times
  • Get All Future Updates At No Additional Cost
  • Find Out Why You Should Move To The Philippines Or Why It Might Not Be Right For You.

Most ebook authors write their ebook and then leave it as it is for years.  Since releasing this book in September of 2010 I have released over 10 updates and notified buyers where they can download their updated ebook at no additional cost. Even when the price Goes Up. That's right, even when the price rises, you are locked in at today's rate.

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Who Should Move To The Philippines?
  • To Find The Woman Of Your Dreams! Yes YOU Can.
  • To Drastically Cut Your Cost Of Living 
  • Start A New Fantastic Life
  • If You Want To Spice Up A Dull Lonely Live
  • You Wont Be Lonely Here
  • To See Exciting New Places
  • To Visit Or Live At Incredible Beach Resorts
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Questions Answered In This Manual:
  • How Do I Get A US Passport?
  • Tips on Flirting in a New Land.  It is Very Different Here.
  • Is She Just After Money?  Some Are. I Can Help With That Too.
  • What Is The Cost of Living In The Philippines
  • How Long Will I Be Able To Stay?
  • Can I Own Property?
  • Do I Need A Visa?
  • How Hard Is It To Get A Visa -- Hint It Is Easy
  • Can I Get A Job?
  • Can I Go To School?
  • Can I Start A Business?
  • How Do I Ship My Things?
  • What Should I Bring With Me?
  • How Do I Get My Money?
  • How Much Money Do I Need?
  • Much More.

Some Common Questions Addressed:

  • How Much Does It Cost To Life In The Philippines?
  • Can I Find A Good Woman In The Philippines?
  • Is The Philippines Safe?
  • Can I Own A Home In The Philippines?
  • Do I Need A Visa Before I Visit The Philippines?
  • How Long Can I Stay In the Philippines?

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212 Pages of First Hand Knowledge from an Expat with Boots On the Ground

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • The Expatriate
  • Passport and VISA
  • What Should I Bring With Me
  • Bringing Your Pet
  • Do I Need Shots
  • The Filipina
  • Marriage and Divorce
  • Cost of Living
  • Getting a Job
  • Housing In The Philippines
  • Education
  • Banking and Money
  • Public Transportation
  • Shipping Your Stuff
  • Safety and Terrorism
  • Kultura Filipino (Filipino Culture)
  • Philippine Weather
  • Checklist To Prepare For Your Move
  • Summary
  • Appendix

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