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Why Top Flight Schools Use Flight Simulator Games

While anyone can drive a car, it takes special training to be a commercial airline pilot. Pilots need firsthand knowledge and top of the line practice techniques before taking an expensive airplane into the sky. Specialty flight schools utilize a variety of techniques to properly train potential pilots.

One of the ways that flights school instructs their students is with the use of a flight simulators. These systems simulate the act of flying as realistically as possible. They can be as basic as a computer game or as complex as an actual cockpit ran by the most updated technology and software.

A flight school will have access to some of the best flight simulators. There are many flight simulation online that are available for download today. This software helps pilot trainees experience realistic flight without the dangers of piloting a real plane. They are more than just a flight simulators, they have 100's of different types of aircraft, varying weather conditions, realistic scenery based on information from the US Defense Mapping Agency and even NASA updates.

The idea behind this flight simulator download was to create a simulation that was as close to real life flying as possible. Terrains, planetary alignments and aircraft reactions are just some of things that have been taken into consideration when designed this game. It includes options for night flying, flying in difficult weather, soaring through various environments, and consideration for both seasonal issues and different time zones.

Check out the combat flight simulator download from one of these downloadable simulators to experience the feel for flying a plane without all the risk. The realistic controls included ensure smooth and fluid animation with the plane's instrumentation. The developers of this simulator even took in consideration real time lags, what pressure and body forces can do to an aircraft, and include periodic system failures. It is just as important to know what o do when something goes wrong because the lives of passengers may eventually be in your hands.

The flight school instructors understand the importance of using top notch flight simulation tools for training their students. Programs such as these are ideal for flight schools, flying hobbyists, and those who simply enjoy a great simulation program. Look for a flight simulator that takes real life problems and concerns, techniques, and potential failures into account. The more realistic the simulator the better prepared our future pilots will be

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Play Flight Simulation Games Online Using Real Flight Simulator Games

If you are dead keen to play simulation games online you might also be wanting real flight simulator games because without the reality, the game is not really worth it anyway. It all starts with research and comparing the various features that the flight simulator providers offer. It might seem like quite a mission at first but once you get to know a few popular flight simulators you will start to notice the main features. It's also helpful to notice what the public are saying about the airplane games online. Especially look out for comments about the simulator being real.

In terms of features to look out for, there should be the option to switch between aircrafts, adjust weather, wind and environment, and choose the country you wish to fly in. What really will make a flight SIM realistic is the fact that the control panel models that of a real airplane. You will then have to learn what each of these controls do if you want to get the plane into the air. In essence the features should be making the game that much more challenging but still user friendly, and especially realistic.

PC flight simulator providers, therefore, have to keep on top of the changes in the aviation industry and with their competitors in order to keep their customers happy. In fact, a couple of really good flight simulator games are actually used by the aviation industry to train their pilots. So if these games were not almost exactly like the real thing, there would be no point in using them.

My advice is that you really take the time to find out what there is out there. Read the fine print, read reviews and most importantly compare your final list of flight SIMs to each other. Some features might not be necessary for you, while others might be exactly what you are looking for.

Before you buy flight simulator games make sure you also know what your operating system is capable of handling.

Also look out for the feature of being able to insert flight simulator hardware into a USB point, if you want to do this at a later stage. Of course the flight SIM download won't come with the joystick, pedals or a switch board, and that is something you might want to get at a later stage. But if you have the option of being able to add them to the game, your online pc flight simulator experience will become that much more realistic.

The final point to look out for is the fact that the provider will give you access to unlimited free updates as well as the option of buying extra add-ons for aircrafts, scenery and airports.

So, once you have a good idea of what to expect from a real flight simulator, you should then compare and narrow down your choice and ultimately choose the most ideal flight SIM within your budget range.

This site, http://proflightsimulator would be a good place to start to read a review on a popular flight SIM game.

The beauty of this game is that you just have to download it to your PC in order to play flight simulation games online. No shipping, no waiting and no hassles. But read the review and information about it first and remember to compare with other products out there.

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With Flight Simulation Anyone Can Learn to Fly!

Flight simulation and using flight simulators has created a new world for all would be pilots in their own home.

Flight Simulation has reached a stage of such realism that it can be quite awesome!

When you have been on holiday and enjoyed the flight getting there and back, have you ever wished you were the pilot? Most people have dreams about being a pilot and flying their own plane. FLIGHT SIMULATION is a risk free way to experience the thrills of flying.

This computerised game system is so realistic, it allows anyone to sit at home and experience the feeling of sitting in an aircraft cockpit and flying a plane. So, for those of us who really want to feel they are flying, then using a FLIGHT SIMULATION system is the answer.

Imagine taking to the air in a variety of aircraft from light planes, to airliners, to military aircraft, to helicopters and having the choice to fly anywhere in the whole wide world. Imagine sitting in a realistic 3D cockpit that gives you complete control of the aircraft!

You can even programme yourself to patrol the skies in your state of the art fighter aircraft in defence of your country or perhaps pilot a 747 with a full passenger list any where you fancy in the world or even take off on a hazardous flight in a helicopter ambulance on a mercy mission.

Why not take your family on a pleasure flight to admire the countryside or even a night flight to see the world from above.

There are so many variations on what can be enjoyed and are possible through Flight Simulation. You can:. Test your flying skills with different aircraft types.

. Land at thousands of different airports night or day.

. Fly right over your home.

. Fly all over the world.

. See fabulous scenery that you can change and control.

. Take flights by day or night.

. Control realistic night lighting for runways.

. Fly in formation with other Flight Simulation fans.

. Fly using autopilot.

. Use air to air refuelling.

Flight simulation has really come of age and what used to be considered just 'games' are now amazing, true to life flight simulators that will have you eagerly awaiting your next chance to get at the controls for your next flight with you as the pilot!

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Master the art of flying an aircraft virtually - Flight Sim Software & Hardware

You must have heard about the flight simulator hardware. With the help of it, you can definitely have a realistic flying experience, right in front of your computer. If you are actually looking around for the best RC flight sim, then you need to actually spend some time understanding about various features of various software that are available in the market. The best thing about the RC flight simulator is that you can definitely have the flying experience and learn a lot about it without spending a lot of money. This is the reason why many people who are actually into the aviation academy, tend to prefer learning some basics of flying through the flight sim hardware.

The flight simulator hardware can actually be connected to your computer and you can operate it with the help of joysticks, controls, pedals and so on. Some RC flight sim programs allow you to do everything from the keyboard. There are lot of these programs that are available in the market and the latest releases have actually incorporated a lot of new astonishing features and graphics.

Most of the simulation programs come with a lot of graphics and scenery such as rivers, towns, cities and roads. Looking at all these things, you feel that your experience is quite realistic. Not only that, if you really want to learn and practice the takeoff as well as the landing of the aircraft, you can do it through this flight simulator hardware. This way, you can definitely enhance your experience day by day with the help of such a program.

The actual aim of any flight simulator hardware is to give you the actual taste of flying up above the sky as a pilot. You can definitely make the whole process of learning quite easy because these programs are designed in a user-friendly way. So this way, you can treat it as training material if you really want to learn how to fly. So you need to have access to the best flight simulator hardware equipment if you really want to master the art of flying in the virtual world. You need to create these kinds of simulators more like training devices than regular computer games. This is the reason why it would be better if you can actually get the right kind of flight simulator hardware like jokes, pedals, controls, flight simulator joysticks and so on. Make sure that the RC flight simulator supports various hardware controls so that you can definitely integrate the whole system according to your needs.

You can use the yoke to raise the aircraft and drop it by pushing and pulling it. This way, you can definitely experience the role of a real pilot inside the flight simulator cockpit. So when it comes to choosing the right flight simulator hardware and software, you need to take the right decision because there are lots of them being released in the marketplace every now and then. The one that you're going for should actually fit and suit all your needs in a proper way. Most of the ones that are available in the market focus more on getting the graphics of the game right but they don't actually give you the real experience of the actual flight. This is the reason why you need a simulator which can really make you feel that you are the pilot. One such program is the FLIGHT PRO SIM which is highly recommended by most of the flying experts.

So if you actually have the dream of sitting in the flight sim cockpit and experience the real take off, then you actually need to go for the right kind of RC flight sim and at the same time you should not forget that you need to go beyond the regular keyboard of your computer and should use the right kind of flight simulator hardware in order to train yourself like a pilot in the real world.

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Flight Simulation Software Game Review

Let's understand what a Flight Simulation Software is then we will get to know what exactly has been on the minds of flight fanatics for years.

Flight simulator reviews is a comprehensive analysis of various software systems that are used to express a false generation of air plane flight and numerous features of the flying setting. Flight Pro Sim has been well thought out to be one of the best flight simulators accessible to people for a long time. This is because a wide range of aircrafts are now using it be it Military jets, helicopters or even the Cessna. Also the flight crew in different aero planes can converse over the long flight.

This Flight Simulation Software has the ability to create and totally describe the atmosphere and help you practice what to do in a crisis for instance if you are flying through mucky weather as is the case with the military it can automatically detect the next airport and enable you to land safely without any hitches. This is because it mathematically detects the amount of pressure, moist, wind and temperatures amongst other hush weather conditions before adjusting the plane's resistance strength.

The ProFlightSimulator game is of help to aircraft crew who are out in the sky almost their entire life on earth and thus need to have their minds adjusted to what is taking place on planet earth and at what time of the year. This particularly goes to pilots and those involved in controlling military jet fighters particularly during a time of war. There are those involved in research in the US army and NASA and so are to be busy for years some journeys may involve going through over twenty thousand airports this is not fun.

The RC Flight Simulator is another kind of flight simulator that is used by technicians to enable one to fly big jets but as a matter of fact it can't match the Flight Pro Sim in its prowess. The virtual procedure trainer is also another kind of flight simulator meant for training pilots and flight crew so that they can be adapted to flying conditions before they get to the actual flying itself but still the Flight Pro Sim is far much better than this one too.

The ProFlightSimulator has a sure hour of day display that puts the universe on exact time as that on your desk top machine. If it's evening in Canada its evening on your Flight Simulation Software as we speak that's if you are in Canada at this moment in time. The natural time dictated by the sun follows its right path through the heavens. Interestingly the display on the game accommodates geographical and climatic changes that are experienced in different locations world wide.

Since ProFlightSimulator is designed to meet all your need sand this includes even landscape and Aircraft responses to earth configurations and rotations. The computer generated gear shifts are founded on actual life arenas in a nut shell ProFlightSimulator remains to be the best flight simulator as observed in this Flight simulator review.

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Download Flight Simulator Games To Play

If you are like me, you have a bunch of CDs for your computer software that, once they are loaded, you have thrown into a box or a drawer. When you need to find one, it is either buried at the bottom or it is scratched and not usable. Instead of buying a CD for flight simulation, try a flight simulator download to eliminate a lot of hassle.

Another huge bonus with a flight simulator download is that there is no waiting. Once the installation is complete, you are ready to experience the feeling of virtual flight. If you purchase a CD, you either have to go to the store to get it or wait for them to mail it to you.

When you are considering flight simulator software downloads, you should look at various aspects of the requirements. If you jump at the first one you like, you may end up dissatisfied. One major aspect to be taken into consideration before downloading is the amount of memory you have on your computer.

The visual effects of a flight simulator download require a lot of RAM to display the scenery for maximum realism when flying. Based on the program software's needs, you want to make sure your picture won't appear jerky. You want to get the best in image quality as well as the best frame rates.

If you read the manual carefully, you will be sure to have a computer that can handle the flight simulator download. You will have to go to the website and either read the manual online or download it and print it off. If you are still not sure what the specifications are, try going to a forum for flight simulation and see if someone can answer your questions.

Since this is more of a virtual reality game, players will want to search for a flight simulator download that has features which are close to the real flight experience. Not all aircraft simulators are created equal, but they all have unique features to offer the flight simulator enthusiast. Some focus on level up features of a combat game, while others would focus on added features that allow the user to change several environmental settings.

The software that focuses on air-to-air combat loses some of the realism for the sake of playability. It just depends on what you are looking for in the flight simulator game. The level of sophistication has grown to the point that with downloads and add-ons, you can actually learn more about various aircraft and get a real feel for what they are like.

Be sure the flight simulator download has all the features you want so that the software you'll be getting is worth spending your hard-earned cash. It is essential that you study the software first before spending your money on it. Then, you can rest assured that your choice will let you feel the ultimate experience of real flying.

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Demon of Flight simulators in today's world

Flight simulation refers to the activity where a person is flying an actual aircraft without ever leaving the ground. This is a fun, safe and exciting activity that one can perform.

How real is a flight simulator?

This all depends on the type and degree of technology which it is used for the flight simulator. It also depends on what the situation is. Let me explain further. It is very different flying a fighter plane than it is to fly a tourist plane. In the early days of flight simulation, fighter pilots used to make use of flight simulation in order to improve their accuracy when it came to aiming a machine gun at ground objects whist flying in mid air. Of course this was all done without them ever leaving the ground.

Why use a flight simulator?

If a replica model is built up carefully and accurately, then the results of careful training would be very good. Also using a flight simulator over a real life flight experience would provide a decreased cost whilst increasing the safety and security of the pilot himself. This also means that any maneuver can be performed over and over without having to risk resources and lives.

Other uses of flight simulation

The gaming industry has caught up in recent decades and over the past thirty years games have been coming up each and every year, always improving and making flight experience more realistic and closer to a real-life situation. As more years go by the experience of playing a flight simulator will become second to none because it would be better than anything else available in this regards.

What types of environments are available for flight simulation?

Basically, anything that your mind can imagine can be created using a flight simulator. Nowadays one can design cockpits, runways and terrains. These can all be customized and changed according to one's personal needs. In the case of the military and other aviation industries, the weather may also be adjusted and changed according to their needs. This means that due to such improvement in flight simulation, a real-life situation is so much closer to what one experiences during a flight simulation. This ensures that when the pilot is actually called for real flight duty, he is well aware of what to expect and knows how to deal with anything that comes up.

Flight simulation is a technology which is improving all the time, and this it will ensure that in a couple of years time most of the people would be able to say that they have experienced flying an aircraft. This will be done without them ever leaving the comfort of their own home. Who would have thought about that a hundred years ago?

So if you actually have the dream of sitting in the flight sim cockpit and experience the real take off, then you actually need to go for the right kind of RC flight sim and at the same time you should not forget that you need to go beyond the regular keyboard of your computer and should use the right kind of flight simulator hardware in order to train yourself like a pilot in the real world.

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Enjoy Flying With Flight Simulators

An artificial system that copies or simulates the act of flying an aircraft in a realistic manner is a flight simulator. A flight sim is available from a computer game to actual cockpit replica placed on a hydraulic actuator, controlled by sophisticated computer technology. Use of flight simulator in the aviation industry is varied - from training pilots and flight crew to design and development in civil and military aircraft. Aerospace manufacturers also use the engineering flight simulators to develop and test flight hardware, software and aircraft systems.

Mainly a flight sim is used for training of pilots. The Part Task Trainers (PPT) is for the beginner covering one or more aircraft systems and the Cockpit Procedures Trainers (CPT) is meant for practicing drills and checks. The advanced Full Flight Simulators (FFS) with motion platforms have the ability to move in all six degrees-of-freedom (6-DoF) combined with visual system to view the outside world. These high-end simulators have a Control Loading System to give a feel of real forces on pilot controls to trainee pilots.

An advanced flight sim also provides a pilot the experience of three rotations and three linear movements. Training for normal and emergency operating procedures such as engine failures and aircraft system malfunction like flight instruments, hydraulics, electrics, pressurization, etc. can be availed in a flight simulator.

Flight simulator software was the harbinger of programs developed for computer game technologies. Each game was mostly based on the real world, striving for realism to reach a wider audience. The games can be used for basic flight training apart from leisure time engagement. Various flight sim software provide for flying experience in different types of aircraft in good number of landscapes and environment.

Home entertainment changed drastically after flight simulator software was available for free download on the Internet.  

Rest assured, I have tested out nearly every Flight Sim on the market today, and I have found one which I can personally recommend.

Stop wasting your money and time on disappointing flight simulators.

I have put them all through the test and after hundreds of hours flying I have finally found a winner and I can guarantee it will be the closest you will get to a Real Life Flying experience without actually leaving your house.

What Is The Best Flight Simulator Game?

Want to know the best flight sim?

It is not a new finding that there are numerous flight simulator games in the market, but most of them will leave you with a fallen face and a curse on your lips. However, you can still enjoy the best flight simulators in the market if you are careful and analytical enough. All you need to know is what quality must a good flight game possesses. You need to get a flight simulator that does not kill your dream of becoming a pilot. Horrible flight Sims can do this.

Get a simulator that suits your needs. The best simulator will first of all have beautiful graphics. Some of such programs come with horrible visual abilities that do not motivate you to fly. These are graphical features that are basic for a good flight simulator. The graphics for your flight sim should be able to capture the real environmental features and sceneries. This adds the feel of real life into your game. Playing it can make it feel like it is real. Avoid games that make if feel like you are flying in a virtual world.

Look for a flight simulator that:

    * Allows environment change without distorting its graphics
    * Has clear graphics to save your eyes
    * Incorporates beauty and attractiveness

The flight simulator should allow you to improve your skills and have a taste of various equipment and abilities. The flight mechanism should, for instance, be sophisticated with a variety for you to choose from. Since the PC game is supposed to keep your heart racing, and your urge demanding for more, choose the flight simulator that provides you with many different aircrafts such as combat jets, helicopters and even passenger aircrafts. It is important for the flight sim to capture some reality for your own personal development in flight skills. For instance, the basis of the software used for controlling the equipment, and the equipment itself should capture the reality in the aviation field.

Finding the best flight simulator may mean getting the one with the greatest advantage for you over the other programs in the market. Checking some features can help you a great deal in finding the best flight simulator you need. Comprehensively checking the market is very helpful for you. You should be able to check whether

    * The program allows for add-ons.
    * It will require online support.
    * It has real time appliances built in, and.
    * Whether the add-ons are chargeable.

Add-ons are the updates needed to keep on improving your computer game. For the best flight sims, this is provided for. Some vendors will even allow you add-ons and online support for free.

Finally, the best flight simulator come with a set of inbuilt demos and manuals. This should be able to jam-start your world of PC gaming into a whole lot of new experiences. So whatever the deal, it is important to find the best flight sims for your computer.

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Are You Looking For A Flight Simulator Download

Are you a wannabe airline pilot? A wannabe private pilot? Or even a pilot? Are you afraid to go flying but love the thought of it? Do you want to go flying with out spending thousands? Do you want to go flying in your living room? Then a flight simulator download is just the thing you need. Microsoft Flight Simulator will take you anywhere you want in the world and you will feel like you are actually there in command of your very own aircraft.

Microsoft Flight Simulator has progressed alot over the years and the graphics have gone from basic to quite amazing to say the least. In this article I am going to tell you a little bit about the game how to get a flight simulator download.

Picture this....You are sitting in the right hand seat of a Boeing 737-700 ready for departure. You are lined up on runway 25 and the light rain drops can be heard bouncing gently off the flightdeck window. Air traffic control give you permission to take off and you ease forward on the thrust levers delivering that awesome power. wow!! Isnt that the dream job? Do you want to do this from the comfort of your living room? With graphics that actually make you feel like you are there right in the middle of the action.

Flight simulator games are so advanced that there are too many features for me to list but I am going to try my best to list a few of them for you now. The most recent flight sim X has puts you right at the heart of the experience by...
  1. Providing dynamic world living with moving aicraft. Wild animals. Vehicles at airports. Air traffic and dynamic atc and many many more
  2. Enables you to fly missions that a programmed and ready to go throughout the world including..Airline pilot missions, flying a red bull stunt plane, tutorials and many more
  3. Shared skies are a big feature with traffic flying past you and moving alongside you on the ground. You can even connect online and fly with your friends. Are you seeing why a flight simulator download is the thing for you?
  4. Fly some 21 state of the art aircraft from an airbus A321 to an Extra 300 s.

As you can see from the early days of flight simulator it has progressed greatly. With all flight simulators it is possible to find a flight simulator download. You can download the game and fly from your own home within hours. Flight simulator downloads can also provide you with many different add ons from exact scenery in your own town to exact airline paint colours taxiing past you.

The advantage of a flight simulator download is that it can be downloaded right in your own home and you can be in the aircraft within an hour or so.

I love these type of games as you get the real thing without actually paying for the real thing if you know what I mean.

Maybe its time you gave it a go.

Virtual Pilot 3D, the world's most realistic flight simulator?

If you're a flight simulator fan like me, you've got to check out VirtualPilot3D now:

I'm SUPER excited because this is arguably the MOST REALISTIC flight sim I've ever tried.

Fact is, it may just revolutionize everything you've thought about flight simulators

Go check out the amazing video below:

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Here's an overview of some features:

- 200+ Aircraft and 25,000 Real Airports
- Worldwide scenery with high-def cities and landscapes
- Crazy realism and handling down to the scentific level
- Real cockpits, real controls and instrument behaviour

There're so much more stuff but I urge you to take a look at it yourself.

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I'm so stoked about this and I'm sure you're gonna LOVE it if you enjoy airplane games.

IB Prabowo

PS: Nothing in the market comes close to the sheer realism of VirtualPilot3D...yes, not even FSX

Go check it out:
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SWTOR Class Guide

Since its development was first announced, the release of Star Wars the Old Republic has been awaited with much excitement by both Star Wars and MMORPG fans all over the world. Set several thousand years before the the existence of Darth Vader and the other Star Wars characters that have become so familiar to followers of the highly successful franchise, players of SWTOR enter a world that has been shattered by years of war between the Imperial Forces and the Republic. Though the Treaty of Coruscant ended the fighting, relations between the two sides have continually deteriorated, leaving new players to find out for themselves whether the tensions will escalate into war.

Star Wars the Old Republic brings with it many difficult choices, including the gut-wrenching decision of which side to align yourself with. Many players will find themselves overwhelmed by the amount of new material that is included. There are totally new classes, each with their own unique history and benefits, and many questlines spanning over multiple planet systems of the Star Wars galaxy. The concept of space combat implemented by SWTOR is also completely new, with many challenges involving asteroid fields, enemy fighters, and battles with huge fleets of ships. Space exploration is also an important part of the game, and in the process, players can experience all the stunning graphic elements that have become synonymous with SWTOR. 

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Many common MMORPG features have been revamped with SWTOR and given a new and refreshing look. The PvP system has several Star Wars-themed scenarios, each with different goals, including the innovative Huttball. Companions can be acquired to assist in various activities, and once a team has been assembled, the team can be assigned needed tasks, such as gathering and crafting items or individual and team missions. In order to increase a crew's usefulness, a crew skills system has been implemented that allows the player to choose which skills are most important to his or her crew. Flashpoints, or what many players refer to as "dungeons" require a team to overcome, and offer various rewards upon completion. With the many helpful skills and benefits they offer, guilds are also a huge plus when playing SWTOR, especially for the purpose of completing Flashpoints and raids, which usually require group coordination. 

The level of detail that has been established in SWTOR is very high, and the game spans over an immense storyline and vast area that may confuse many players, including those that have experience with gaming and even the MMORPG field. Because the game is so new and there are many difficult decisions involved, it can be very helpful to get a SWTOR class guide. These guides provide a more in-depth discussion of the various classes available and other helpful information, including leveling tips, gear and weapon advice, and PvP tools. Crafting is also a topic covered by SWTOR guides. When considering what guide to choose, only SWTOR Savior has all the important information that new players need, and is based on actual experience with the SWTOR beta!

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Best SWTOR Guide

When Star Wars The Old Republic was first announced, it was greeted with much enthusiasm, which grew exponentially as gameplay videos, stunning landscape images, and resources on SWTOR history and planet systems were released. The game takes place several millenia before Darth Vader's violent rise to power, at a time when tensions between the Empire and the Republic are at their highest. Years before, the peaceful Republic emerged as the victor when faced with a surprise attack by the Empire, but the following years brought war and several painful defeats to the Republic. After many setbacks, including treachery and failed negotiations, the Republic was forced to sign the Treaty of Coruscant, which ended the war but handed over several territories to the Empire. 

It is in the midst of such a chaotic time that players enter the game, and are immediately faced with one of the many decisions that will affect their future gameplay - whether they should align themselves with the forces of the Empire or the Republic. Next, players must make the important decision of choosing a class within the side they choose to align with. The Republic offers the classes of Trooper, Smuggler, Jedi Knight, and Jedi Consular, while the Empire has a Bounty Hunter, Sith Warrior, Imperial Agent, and Sith Inquisitor. Each class can have different functions and benefits and should be further researched before a decision is made. 

SWTOR features many never-before-seen implementations, including the much awaited space combat. Traveling in starships that may be unique for each class, players journey through space and face dangers specific to space travel, including enemy fighters and dangerous obstacle courses. Other plants also become accessible and open to exploration with the help of space travel. Additionally, there are numerous questlines to be tackled and companions that can acquired by completing them. Companions can be used as part of a crew that is at the player's command, which can be helpful if the player is occupied elsewhere and needs materials gathered or items crafted in their absence. SWTOR is also rife with PvP options, including several warzones where the Empire faces off against the Republic for various rewards. Team work is very important in PvP and the new flashpoints, which can be very difficult without proper communication and mutual understanding.

The introduction of so much new content can be frustrating for any player, and a guide is a must-have with a game that is as vast and rich in content as Star Wars The Old Republic. Guides can help those who are completely new to the game and those who are already familiar with it because they provide such a wealth of information. For beginners, there is information about how to get started, including class details and leveling tips. For players who have already started their journey or are getting ready for end-game content, SWTOR guides can help by providing guidance for flashpoints and raids. In the event that a player is considering a guide, the best SWTOR guide available is SWTOR Savior, which has all the information Star Wars The Old Republic players could possibly wish for.

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Five Ways to Make Sure You're Ready for Diablo III

1. Purchase And Download The Game

The first thing you will need to do is purchase the game, obviously. The game comes in two editions - the Standard Edition, which just includes the game, and the Collector's Edition, which includes the game in a limited edition case, a statue of Diablo's head, Diablo 2 on a crystal shaped USB flash drive, and lots of other goodies, such as an art book and the soundtrack. 

You can get the Standard Edition in retail stores or digitally off Blizzard's official site (

If you're after the Collector's Edition you're going to have a harder time since they have sold out, though you may be able to find it in stores on May 15th.

Once you've purchased the game, Blizzard allows you to pre-download the game client, so you can be instantly ready to go when the game servers go live at 12:00 AM (Midnight) PST.

2. Create Your BattleTag

Blizzard requires everyone to create one of these special ID's to play Diablo III. They expect that their servers are going to be bombarded when the game is released so it would be a good idea to set yours up in advance on the site here:

Be sure to make it something you like because whatever you choose is permanent and cannot be changed later.

3. Call Off Sick At Work

If you've been saving up vacation at work, now would be the time to use it. If that isn't an option, it's time to brush up your acting skills, so you'll be ready to call in sick come Tuesday. Just hope your boss isn't a gamer too!.

4. Prepare Your Diablo III Survival Kit

Head to the store to stock up on supplies you will need. Some staples of the gamers diet include Doritos, Hot Pockets, Ramen, and Red Bull. You'll need plenty of nourishment in order to stay up all night slaying demons. Don't forget the toilet paper!

5. Get Zygor's Diablo III Guide

This one is a must have. The experts over at Zygor Guides have created the end-all guide for mastering every aspect of Diablo III. These are the same guys whose famous Leveling Guides revolutionized the way people play World of Warcraft. Their all new Diablo III guide features a full walkthrough of the entire game, class and crafting guides, followers optimization, achievements, and more. Anyone who hopes to beat Diablo III, especially on the painfully tough Hell and Inferno modes, should pick up this guide before launch day.

Zygor's Diablo III Guide - Hell Better Get Ready for You

If you're like me, you're probably dying from anticapation waiting for Diablo III to be released on Tuesday.  

Even though it's only days until the game comes out, it seems the closer we get the worse the wait seems.  I've been searching for anything Diablo related to tide me over and that's when I stumbled across Zygor's Diablo III Guide.

I already know of Zygor from their kick ass World of Warcraft guides which were a lifesaver and totally changed the way I played that game. 

These new Diablo III guides look to be just as awesome. 

You get a complete walkthrough of the whole game from Act I to Act IV, guides for all five classes which tell you how to set your spells and make your characters as powerful as can be, how to optimize your followers to maximize damage and healing, and loads more - including a guide for obtaining all the achievements in the game.

You can check out Zygor's Diablo III guide on the official website here:

See you in Hell!  Talk soon.

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A Review Of Diablo 3 Speed

Jonathan Bradley Smith has just released a guide called Diablo 3 Speed and it claims to help any Diablo 3 player get to level 60 ASAP. If you are not familiar with speed leveling, it is a way of playing a game that helps a player to max out their character’s level in the shortest possible time!

This was something that I had to check out – after all, someone who comes along with an incredible claim and the players everywhere will start asking questions to see if it’s good or if it is worth it.

Believe me, I’ve seen my share of crappy information on the Internet and I wonder if this is any good.

So I went ahead and bought myself a copy.

But after reading just one of the chapters on questing and progression, it totally blew my mind away.

I saw the screenshots and I was sold!

I even tried one of the strategies there and I saw how it changed the way my game was played by cutting short my leveling on a new character in half the time.

By the way, I previously used the same character class and it took me twice the time to get there! Talk about efficiency!

Diablo 3 Speed is different from every other gold guide for a few good reasons. First, it provides what others do not have – real life proof! Second, it comes with precise detail. It doesn’t hold back on what you should and should not do. Third, it helps you for any class out there. Unlike some guides which has more emphasis on one, I find that everything here is equally balanced.

Even though I was skeptical and didn’t believe that this would work for me, I was really glad that I was proven wrong in the end and I never looked back!

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Slow Leveling HURTS Your Diablo 3 Experience!

I want to share with you a couple of reasons why it sucks to be at a low level in Diablo 3.

You don’t get access to the best items

Low level characters don’t make the minimum  requirement to use good items because their stats are not up there. It hurts your character progress and it takes up space in your backpack.

You can try and get something cool from the auction house, but it wouldn’t work for you until much later because you can’t use it.

You can’t go on quests with your higher level friends

It’s like being a ‘feeder’ in DOTA.

People will always need to watch your back. You become an easy target for the mobs. Your team mates need to spend more healing spells on you to keep you alive.

And worst of all, you do not contribute as much damage for the team.

You cannot play at their level and the worst case scenario is that they will be forced to leave you behind.

You can’t use the best skills for your character

Everyone knows that the best stuff are all at the end.

Back in the old Diablo 2 days, people were dying to get whirlwind for the Barbarian. Endless grinding and killing all day just to get that.

You can prevent all that with Jonathan Bradley Smith’s latest power leveling guide called Diablo 3 Speed.

You must learn from him.

It contains cutting edge information that will propel you to level 60 in no time because it contains a step by step fast track to max out your character.
Gone are the days of killing the same mob over and over again for XP.

If you want to do things the smart way, be sure to check out his guide because you don’t want to be left behind.

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Is Buying Diablo 3 Speed Worth It?

Believe me… I’ve spent too much money on trashy guides that act like a parrot. They do nothing but copy information available on other websites and that is just disgusting.

I picked up so many guides last time that I deleted all of them and asked for a refund. But Diablo 3 speed is totally different. No matter how skeptical I was, I was glad to be proven wrong by Jonathan Bradley Smith – the mastermind behind speed leveling and getting maxing out the level cap.
Getting to the highest level offers many advantages that many of those at the lower levels will not enjoy.

One of the biggest reasons why I would highly recommend his guide is because of the stuff I wanted to get at the ‘Inferno’ level. Most of the monsters at the Inferno level has more health, more damage, more resistance and they are even higher level than the player’s maximum level. 
But that level offers the best stuff that even money cannot buy. The loot at the inferno level is visually different and will fetch a much higher price than any other level.

I learned some of the strategies in the book and it helped me to reach a higher level in half the time. I even tried it with other character classes that I wasn’t familiar with and they all worked like a charm.

The diagrams are illustrated in such a way that even a child could understand how it works.
Blizzard has created the game in such a way that constantly farming the same spot yields diminishing results. It truly becomes a test of skill and they want to make the game a longevity so do not try grinding the same boss over and over again.

Diablo 3 speed teaches you how to diversify your play so that you will be able to reach level 60 as fast as possible. I highly recommend it.

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Making money online is something that everybody dreams about, but not very many people actually ever achieve. Usually one would need some technical experience such as programming, coding, graphics design, or publishing. 

Many of us do not have any of these skills to help us get started earning a living online.

There is, however, a method of earning an income from home using the internet that does not require any technical skills. It is called paid surveys. This is where you can get paid for completing online surveys. Sounds simple and easy right?

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Once they have your information, they can use that to make better decisions on upcoming Advertising campaigns and product creation. Your opinion is very important to these big companies.

That's where the surveys come in. Market research panels look for members who are willing to take time out of their day to complete surveys and give their opinions. For taking time out of your day, the research panels will reward you, often with cash!

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How can I make a lot of money with paid surveys?

When you join these market research panels they will usually have a preliminary survey you will need to complete. This survey will ask you information about yourself such as age, income, gender, and so on. Then they will send you surveys that match that criteria.

For example: If a market research panel wants to get some consumer opinion on laundry detergent, they will more than likely send that survey to women, especially moms.

If they want some consumer opinion on power tools or electric razors, they would send those surveys to middle-aged men.

The way to make more money with paid surveys is to always give accurate information and to complete as many surveys as you possibly can. When you complete surveys as often as you can this will benefit you for multiple reasons.

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